Friday, 10 February 2012

I love You But You Don't .

Don't, don't let me go Don't make me hold on when you're not Don't, turn away What can I say so you won't No don't, don't let me go... You know what? This is my favorite song.. it make me miss someone that i love . actually there's no person i love but he makes my life happier , he left me because there's another beautiful girl in his life.. so i let go him to make him happy with her :( , but.. his new girlfriend wants to transfer to a new and better school.. so her (his gf) left him  and then.. he felt guilty because he left me behind.. so he tries to get along well with me , but i denied because he is a playboy.. i don't want he fooled me again.. so  i go through the motions of loving him.. since then.. he always ask me if i mad about leaving me behind.. so i tell him i don't mad , but he keeps asking.. in the deep of my heart.. i really mad of him because he left me for a beautiful  girl.. i wish i get a new and loyal boyfriend may my wish come true :"}